[PATCH] Do not inline putprops function

Michael Ellerman michael at ellerman.id.au
Wed Jun 17 08:26:35 EDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 17:29 +0530, M. Mohan Kumar wrote:
> Do not inline putprops function
> With the recent kexec-tools git tree, both kexec and kdump kernels hang (i.e
> kexec -l and kexec -p respectively). This happened after the patch "ppc64:
> cleanups" commit b43a84a31a4be6ed025c1bdef3bb1c3c12e01b16. I tried
> reverting each hunk and then found out that retaining following lines in
> fs2dt.c makes kexec/kdump work.
> -static unsigned *dt_len; /* changed len of modified cmdline
> -                           in flat device-tree */
> [....]
> -               dt_len = dt;
> I don't have any clue why removing a unused variable would cause the kexec
> kernel to hang. After further investigation, I observed that if the putprops
> function is not inlined, kexec/kdump kernel would work even after removing
> the above lines.
> This patch directs gcc to not inline the putprops function. Now we could
> invoke kexec and kdump kernels.

What compiler version are you using? Does the behaviour change if you
use a newer/older compiler? It sounds to me like there's some deeper bug
and your patch is just papering over it.

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