[PATCH 0/3 -v4] kexec/i386: kexec page table code clean up

Ingo Molnar mingo at elte.hu
Fri Oct 31 05:23:41 EDT 2008

* Huang Ying <ying.huang at intel.com> wrote:

> This patchset cleans up page table setup code of kexec on i386.
> This patchset is based on v2.6.28-rc2-338-g65fc716 and has been 
> tested on i386.

applied to tip/x86/crashdump:

 9868ee6: kexec/i386: setup kexec page table in C
 92be3d6: kexec/i386: allocate page table pages dynamically
 31498a0: kexec/i386: remove PAGE_SIZE alignment from relocate_kernel

thanks! They are nice cleanups - both the .text reduction and the 
linecount reduction is nice:

 4 files changed, 102 insertions(+), 152 deletions(-)


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