[PATCH] [WATCHDOG] Fix kdump when using hpwdt

Wim Van Sebroeck wim at iguana.be
Mon Oct 27 15:30:53 EDT 2008

Hi Bernard,

Tom will have a look at the fix but the below code is wrong:

> -module_param(allow_kdump, int, 0);
> +module_param(allow_kdump, int, 1);
>  MODULE_PARM_DESC(allow_kdump, "Start a kernel dump after NMI occurs");

the syntax is: #define module_param(name, type, perm)
perm sets the visibility in sysfs: 000 means it's not there,
read bits mean it's readable, write bits mean it's writable.

perm is not the default value for the integer but a file permission attribute.

Kind regards,

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