[PATCH 3/3] powerpc/ppc64/kdump: better flag for running relocatable

Mohan Kumar M mohan at in.ibm.com
Thu Oct 23 11:15:54 EDT 2008

Hi Milton,

My suggestions:

Milton Miller wrote:
> The __kdump_flag ABI is overly constraining for future development.  
> As of 2.6.27, the kernel entry point has 4 constraints:  Offset 0 is
> the starting point for the master (boot) cpu (entered with r3 pointing
> to the device tree structure), offset 0x60 is code for the slave cpus
> (entered with r3 set to their device tree physical id), offset 0x20 is
> used by the iseries hypervisor, and secondary cpus must be well behaved
> when the first 256 bytes are copied to address 0.
> Placing the __kdump_flag at 0x18 is bad because:
> - It was taking the last 8 bytes before the iseries hypervisor data.  
> - It was 8 bytes for a boolean flag
> - It had no way of identifying that the flag was present
> - It does leave any room for the master to add any additional code
>   before branching, which hurts debug.
> - It will be unnecessarily hard for 32 bit code to be common (8 bytes)
> Now that we have eliminated the use of __kdump_flag in favor of
> the standard is_kdump_kernel(), this flag only controls run without
> relocating the kernel to PHYSICAL_START (0), so rename it __run_at_load.
We could try both of our approaches. Instead of passing the information 
that next kernel should be relocatable from kexec_sequence to purgatory 
code, we will do it from kexec-tools path (following your approach). But 
instead of setting the __run_at_load value in the purgatory code (ie at 
physical address 0x5c), we will set the variable __run_at_load at kernel 
  image itself.

[code snip 1]
	lwz	r7,__run_at_load-_stext(r26)
	cmplwi	cr0,r7,1	/* kdump kernel ? - stay where we are */
  	bne	1f
  	add	r25,r25,r26

	lwz	r7,__run_at_load-_stext(r26)
	cmplwi	cr0,r7,1
  	bne	3f

[code snip 2]
	ld	18,0(6)
	cmpd	18,1
	bne	skip
	li	7,1
	stw	7,92(4)		# mark __run_at_load flag at kernel
	lwz	7,0(4)		# get the first instruction that we stole
	stw	7,0(0)		# and put it in the slave loop at 0
  				# skip cache flush, do we care?

[code snip 3]
	if (info->kexec_flags & KEXEC_ON_CRASH) {
		elf_rel_set_symbol(&info->rhdr, "run_at_load",

Using this approach we are not breaking the kexec_sequence ABI and we 
directly modifying the flag in kernel image.


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