[PATCH] Support for relocatable kdump kernel

Mohan Kumar M mohan at in.ibm.com
Tue Oct 21 14:21:48 EDT 2008

Michael Ellerman wrote:

> Does it? I see CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP depending on PPC64, so there is no
> 32-bit kdump possible. Or is someone working on it out-of-tree?

IIUC Anton Vorontsov is working on the 32-bit kdump kernel support.

>> Do you expect a function to do the checking in iommu.c?
> You'd use the function in iommu.c, but it should be defined in some
> header.
Yeah, I will do that.

> OK. Does old purgatory ensure that the register is 0? Otherwise I think
> it's possible that a new kernel could get confused by cruft left in that
> register by an old purgatory - causing the 2nd kernel to think it's a
> kdump kernel when it shouldn't be.

__kdump_flag is by default is 0 and old purgatory code even won't know 
that it need to modify __kdump_flag. So unless __kdump_flag is 1, the 
kernel will behave as a normal one.


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