kexec on x86_64: entry32_regs not found cannot get

Dan Upton upton.dan.linux at
Thu Oct 16 15:39:28 EDT 2008

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 2:09 PM, Bernhard Walle <bwalle at> wrote:
> * "Dan Upton" <upton.dan.linux at> [2008-10-16 13:47]:
>> I'm trying to use kexec to help debug some scheduler work I'm doing,
>> but I can't seem to get kexec to load the kernel.  I'm using
>> kexec-tols-testing-20080227.
> Why don't you try 2.0.0 first?
> Regards,
> Bernhard
> --
> Bernhard Walle, SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Architecture Development

Sure enough, that worked.  Sorry, I didn't realize there was a newer
version--the kernel doc had a link that it said should always be a
symbolic link to the most recent version, and I didn't think to look
in the directory to make sure that was the case.


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