[PATCH] Fix kdump kernel hang issue with relocatable kernel patches

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Thu Oct 9 01:32:58 EDT 2008

Mohan Kumar M writes:

> One of the relocatable kernel support patches assumes that the target
> address will be 0. But for kdump kernels (without relocation support) it
> will be 32MB. The following patch fixes this issue.
> Fix kdump kernel issue
> Kdump kernel without relocation support needs to be moved to
> PHYSICAL_START (ie 32MB) instead of 0. This patch fixes this
> issue.

Hmmm.  Is there any reason to continue to support non-relocatable
64-bit kernels being kdump kernels?  In other words, for 64-bit,
couldn't we make CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP depend on CONFIG_RELOCATABLE?

I don't think we want to try to support two different modes of
operation for a kdump kernel, and I don't see any value in continuing
to support PHYSICAL_START > 0 for 64-bit non-relocatable kernels.
(And when we can make 32-bit PIE kernels, I'll be making the same
statement about 32-bit. :)


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