[RFC] kexec support on Book-e, ppc32

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior sebastian at breakpoint.cc
Wed Oct 1 17:20:21 EDT 2008

This is what I am currently using for kexec support on mpc8544 / Book-E.
The userland (patch #3) behaves similar to the ppc64 code. Purgatory is
available and the user can specify new device tree. In v2wrap.S the setup
of the stack is disabled. I'm not sure why but as soon as I enable it,
the kernel does not appear. I think that I'm loading the value from the
wrong address but the same code is working for the kernel entry point.

Patch #1 adds support for the kernel. I've extended the misc32 code
because I did not want to copy the move_page_code.

Patch #2 adds the required callbacks to platform code of 8544ds


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