Question about Kexec based hibernation in linux-2.6.27

gib suchada.pitchayasamanya at
Thu Nov 20 19:27:26 EST 2008

Hello all,


I have tried the Kexec based hibernation feature in linux-2.6.27 kernel,
everything work fine, I could resume the 1st kernel. 

But after I shutdown or restarted the system and before booting up the new
kernel the system required file system checking manually and took very long
time for that.

The following is the error message I got while booting up the new kernel.


Checking filesystems

/1 contains a file system with errors, check forced.

/1:   | ===================

Inode 11282887 has a bad extended attribute block 11306367.


           (i.e., without   -a or -p  options)


*** An error occured during the file sysem check.

*** Dropping you to a shell;  the system will reboot

*** when you leave the shell.

*** Warning  -- SELinux is active

*** Disabling security enforcement for system recovery.

*** Run 'setenforce 1' to reenable.

Give root password for maintenance

(of type Control-D to continue):


Does anybody know about this issue? It would be very helpful for me.


Thanks in advance.

Suchada Pitchayasamanya

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