[PATCH 15/15] Revert "x86: default to reboot via ACPI"

Len Brown lenb at kernel.org
Thu Nov 6 14:50:06 EST 2008

> > This reverts commit c7ffa6c26277b403920e2255d10df849bd613380.

I agree that the 2.6.27 default was changed to ACPI for the wrong reason.

However, I think it was the right thing to do,
and if you didn't propose it, I would.

My expectation is that with the ACPI default, our problem
is working around a finite list of old machines that don't work;
while with the default KBD, our problem is working around
a potentially unbounded list of yet to be shipped machines
who may only be tested and work using the ACPI method.

So I recommend leaving the default as ACPI for a while to
see how it goes.


ps. please cc: linux-acpi at vger.kernel.org on ACPI related changes.

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