[PATCH 00/14] x86: disable virt on kdump and emergency_restart

Ingo Molnar mingo at elte.hu
Wed Nov 5 11:33:06 EST 2008

* Avi Kivity <avi at redhat.com> wrote:

> Eduardo Habkost wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is a new version of the series to disabling virtualization on kdump,
>> now extended to do the same tricks on emergency_restart() if needed.
> Looks good.  If you me to push it upstream, I'll need kexec/kdump 
> acks.  Otherwise, ack for the kvm bits.

general ack for the x86 bits, but i'm not sure whether we should be 
pushing this upstream so late in the cycle. If we do it in the next 
cycle then it's best we do it in the x86 tree, the KVM impact seems 
much smaller than the general x86 impact.


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