Freeze problem

Bernhard Walle bwalle at
Sun May 25 09:27:20 EDT 2008

* Armin ranjbar <zoup at> [2008-05-25 17:03]:
> Armin ranjbar , System Administrator
> i did tried vga=normal , still freezes , different is that the shell
> cursor is still blinking , very strange . 
> no panic like LED flashing , in fact no flashing at all .

That's a hardware cursor, it always blinks. That doesn't mean anything.

However, you might try serial console to get a bit more diagnostic.
Also, please try (if you still use VGA)

   kexec --console-vga --debug -p /boot/vmlinux ....

That gives a bit more diagnostics in purgatory code to see where the
system hangs. However, not sure if that also works when booting the
crashkernel. Can you try a normal kexec (with -l) first and see if that
works in your configuration?


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