Freeze problem

Bernhard Walle bwalle at
Sun May 25 07:07:32 EDT 2008


* Armin ranjbar <zoup at> [2008-05-25 15:19]:
> i have a problem with kexec , when i load a panic kernel with kexec -p
> which goes successful and panic the kernel using alt+sysrc+c , well ,
> nothing happens , system says that triggering a panic and it freezes . 
> note that the main kernel and crash kernel are the same and are
> relocate able . 
> .config of kernel

Did you also try via serial console? Or vga=normal? Does the keyboard
LED work (i.e. toggle CapsLock and see if the LED is still
repsonding). VGA is a known problem when dumping, and often the panic
kernel just boots fine, only the user doesn't recognise.


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