correction to compat_sys_kexec_load

Bernhard Walle bwalle at
Fri May 23 17:33:48 EDT 2008

* ebiederm at (Eric W. Biederman) [2008-05-23 13:14]:
> What we need to do is fix /sbin/kexec to pass in the correct
> architecture of the kernel for unload as it does for load.

How should it know that it unloads a 32 bit kernel on a 64 bit system?
It doesn't have access to the kernel any more once it has been loaded.


PS: My mail server complains that  maneesh at is
invalid because "Recipient address rejected: Domain not found". Maybe
some of the other IBM guys in Cc can take a look at this ... I just
removed that address from Cc for now.
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