[PATCH -mm] kexec jump -v9

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at xmission.com
Thu May 15 21:35:28 EDT 2008

Vivek Goyal <vgoyal at redhat.com> writes:

> ioapic_suspend() is not putting APICs in Legacy mode and that's why
> we are seeing the issue. It only saves the IOAPIC routing table entries
> and these entries are restored during ioapic_resume().
> But I think somebody has to put APICs in legacy mode for normal 
> hibernation also. Not sure who does it. May be BIOS, so that during
> resume, second kernel can get the timer interrupts.

I doubt anything cares in the suspend to ram case. There should just
be a small BIOS trampoline to get back to linux when the processor
restarts.  And you don't need interrupts for any of that. 


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