[PATCH] Fix implicit declaration of inb/outb

Bernhard Walle bwalle at suse.de
Tue Jun 3 03:36:18 EDT 2008

* Jamey Sharp [2008-06-02 18:43]:
> Oh, dear--that doesn't work.

Thanks for catching that issue. But it also means that it *didn't* work
on x86-64 because inb() needed to call a function (I don't think that
the compiler did inline something when it even didn't know the

My next patch should address that issue by just using the same header
file for i386 and x86-64. No need for code duplication here. And I
think we should use __always_inline__ in that case (yes, it's GNU only
but I think we can afford that for kexec-tools) to make sure that the
inlining takes also place for -O0.'

Bernhard Walle, SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Architecture Maintenance

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