makedumpfile fails on SGI machine

Ken'ichi Ohmichi oomichi at
Thu Jul 31 07:36:43 EDT 2008

Hi Bernhard,

Bernhard Walle wrote:
> * Ken'ichi Ohmichi [2008-07-31 19:25]:
>> I tried to reproduce this problem on my machine by using an ia64 linux-2.6.26
>> discontigmem kernel, but it could not do it. makeudmpifle did not fail.
>> I want to know whether this problem depends on the kernel or either the machine.
>> Could you send me the kernel .config file ?
> I think that problem is machine specific. However, here is the .config.

Thank you for config file.

I'm starting the kernel compiling.
I'll investigate this problem the next week.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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