[PATCH] MIPS: kernel kexec crashdump, 64-bit support, SMP etc.

Nicolas Schichan nschichan at freebox.fr
Tue Jul 1 10:03:04 EDT 2008


On Wednesday 25 June 2008 15:40:30 msyrchin wrote:
> This patch updates kernel part of kexec for MIPS platform to support
> kdump, 64-bit, SMP and simplify code adaptation to new boards. It does
> the following:
> - hooks for machine-specific actions are introduced
> (_machine_kexec_prepare,
>   _machine_kexec_shutdown, _machine_crash_shutdown);
> - kexec reboot on SMP machine is implemented;
> - add boot parameters passing to new kernel (array kexec_args[] is
> copied to
>   registers a0-a3 on reboot );
> - crash dump functionality is added (boot kernel with non-default physical
>   start, parse "crashkernel=..." command line parameter, copy_oldmem_page()
>   is implemeted to read memory dump after reboot-on-crashi,
> crash_setup_regs()
>   is updated to correctly store registers on crash);
> kexec/kdump funtionality was tested on several Cavium Octeon boards
> (mips64 SMP). The way we do it was the following:
> - _machine_kexec_prepare was find kexec segment with command line and
> save it's pointed into internal bootloader structure.
> - _machine_kexec_shutdown was used to stop boards IO and make all non-boot
> CPUs spin in function relocated_kexec_smp_wait()
> - _machine_crash_shutdown just calls default_machine_crash_shutdown()
> We tested 1) 'common' kexec reboot (by 'kexec -e'), 2) kexec-on-panic
> ('kexec -p ...') and 3) access to/proc/vmcore (with gdb).

Nice  :)   could  you   also  send  this   patch  to   the  linux-mips
mailing-list ?

Apprently all tabs in the patch have been converted to spaces and some
lines seem to have been wrapped by your mailer.


Nicolas Schichan

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