kdump from x86_64 using i386 capture kernel

Stanislaw Gruszka stf_xl at wp.pl
Fri Jan 4 10:00:26 EST 2008

On Friday 04 January 2008 14:55, Neil Horman wrote:
> > It is possible to achieve valid vmcore when first is x86_64 and capture 
> > is i386 ?
> Possible I think, but not reliable.  If oldmem has regions to capture above the
> 4GB range, a 386 kernel won't be able to access those addresses, and as such,
> you won't get a complete vmcore.
Uffff, I missed this fact. 

> I'm also confused about what exactly you are trying to accomplish.  Why are you
> trying to use an x86 kernel to capture a x86_64 vmcore?  The available
System load from flash and there is limited space. I tried to do one capture
kernel, but see this was bad idea. I will scarify another 2MB and make separate
image for x86_64. 

> kexec-tools package in Fedora and RHEL provides a arch independent utility to
> build a minimal initrd to capute vmcores via a number of targets, including via
> nfs and ssh already (mkdumprd), have you looked at the Fedora package?  It may
> well provide most/all of what you are trying to do.
I will see, thanks.

Stanislaw Gruszka

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