kdump from x86_64 using i386 capture kernel

Stanislaw Gruszka stf_xl at wp.pl
Fri Jan 4 07:46:37 EST 2008


I would like to do generic capture system which could be used for x86_64 
and i386 first kernels. This system should be minimal, only capable to copy 
vmcore image over network for futher analysis. First kernel version is,
I choose 2.6.16.y for capture.

I have some problems with vmcore when origin is x86_64. With 32 bit kexec 
crash utility do not recognize it, when I use 64 bit kexec /proc/vmcore file 
has size == 0. Reading form oldmem is  fine, I can for example get old 
dmesg from it.

Now questions:
It is possible to achieve valid vmcore when first is x86_64 and capture 
is i386 ?
If no, is there some way to convert oldmem to valid vmcore in this scenario?
Or maybe is possible to use crash with copy of oldmem (I try but without any
success) ?

Stanislaw Gruszka

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