[patch 0/7] kexec-tools: mipsel port

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Wed Feb 27 05:35:36 EST 2008


After some recent questions by Tomasz Chmielewski I have dug up
the mipsel port of kexec-tool and up-ported it to the lastest
release of kexec-tools-testing, v20080227


I have just looked over the code and fixed up trivial errors
to the point where it builds (using a cross-compiler). This
mostly involved rediffing and updating Makefiles for recent
build changes. Along the way I removed some unused variables and
things like that.

I have not tested the code beyond making sure it builds - mainly
because I do not have any mipsel hardware. I will see about using
quemu, but it may take me a while to get a kernel and user-space
up and running as I have not used mipsel before.

On the code itself, the most glaring problem is the use
of "#ifdef __MIPSEL__". That code needs to be moved into
kexec/arch/mips or some similar location.

I would really appreciate it if someone could test this code.
And I would appreciate it even more if someone could help
fix it up to a mergable state. Or alternatively, point me in
the right direction to find people who want to help with this.

I am more than happy to merge the code once it is clean and working.

Have fun


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