Still on kexec for SH4 architecture, please help

paolo.cortesi at paolo.cortesi at
Wed Feb 6 13:50:00 EST 2008

Hello Paul,
I am a collegue of Matteo Pampolini; thanks a lot about your last suggest, but I have still one problem.

I changed the:
P1 (0x80000000) + memory start (0x0c000000) + 0x00210000 or'ed in zImage_sh_load() that you suggested
in such way:

and I changed the initiliaziation start memory range to set available my CONFIG_MEMORY_START address.

The log that I got is the follow and I can´t see the new kernel really restating:

./kexec -l new_zImage --type=zImage-sh --append="console=ttyAS1,115200" --empty-zero=84401000

empty_zero = 0x04401000
area = 0x04400000
Starting new kernel
kexec information
  segment[0]: 0x04401000 - 0x04402000 (0x00001000)
  segment[1]: 0x04c00000 - 0x04d5a000 (0x0015a000)
  start     : 0x84c00000

Do you still see any error?


Paolo Cortesi

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