kexec problem on SH platform nr 2

paolo.cortesi at paolo.cortesi at
Fri Feb 1 05:08:01 EST 2008

my name is Paolo Cortesi I'am working over one SH4 platform board ST71XX with linux kernel 2.6.17.

I need to spawn a new Linux kernel over the Linux Kernel which is running, without the overhead of boot firmware, and I think that your kexec-tool could be suitable for this target.
I try to use kexec following the steps:

1) I select the CONFIG_KEXEC option while building the runnig kernel.

2) I download your last recent version of kexec-tool which support SH4 platform

   I used your .gz reachable by link:

3) I launch the the configure by my script:

	export CC=sh4-linux-uclibc-gcc
	export LD=sh4-linux-uclibc-ld
	export AR=sh4-linux-uclibc-ar
	export CFLAGS="-DSHLINUX -D__SHLINUX__ -Wall -O2 -ml -m4 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strict-aliasing"
	./configure --host=sh4-linux 

4) I cross compile. During compilation I comment the invoke of /*crash_setup_regs(&fixed_regs, regs);*/ procedure that's called in crash_kexec procedure of kernel/kexec.c file (I could not find any implementation of this procedure).

5) I launch the runnig kernel, which execute:
   kexec -l new_zImage --./kexec -l zImage --type=zImage-sh --append="command_line"
   kexec -e

Should be the wright procedure.

But I have one NULL pointer deferenced when it´s called the last assembler procedure
reboot_code_buffer (relocate_new_kernel) which is invoked in the kernel C procedure arch/sh/... machine_kexec.c

Have you got an idea of the problem? Have you ever run your tool using one intrd kernel running

Thanks in advance.

Paolo Cortesi.

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