kexec/ kdump setup problem

Mrunal Gawade mrunal.gawade at
Mon Apr 28 23:45:49 EDT 2008


I have setup the system with two kernels (2.6.25) for kexec/kdump utility. I
am using this command to load kernel. Please comment if its correct. vmlinux
is the dump kernel.

kexec -p /boot/vmlinux --initrd=2.6.25-default-kdump --args-linux
--append="root=/dev/sda1 init 1 irqpoll"

After I execute this command. Should I expect any prompt that kernel loaded
successfully? Because if I execute the sequence alt-SysReq-c after this to
force crash my system hangs. Nothing seems to proceed further. How do I
check if the kernel is loaded successfully? Because if I execute the "-u"
unload option I do not get any error either that kernel is not loaded or
something. Nothing seems to happen over there.

Your timely help would be much appreciated as I need to get this fixed as
soon as possible as my project progress is stopped as I am not able to
analyse the reason for crash.

Thank you,
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