[PATCH 0/9] kexec userspace and purgatory cleanups

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at xmission.com
Wed Apr 23 09:56:47 EDT 2008

Jamey Sharp <jamey at thetovacompany.com> writes:

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> This patch series fixes issues I encountered while porting kexec to run
> on Windows. (I'll be happy to say more about that insane, but
> surprisingly successful, plan on another occasion.) 

Sounds fun.  I like the idea of /sbin/kexec running on other operating
systems, as long as it isn't too much maintenance overhead.

Portability tends to reveal all kinds of things, and increase
the user/developer base.

Now if we only had the code to boot windows...

> These patches,
> however, are only the ones that affect the kexec userspace tools on
> Linux. They fall into three categories.

I just took a quick skim through the patches and they generally
look good.

> Bug fixes, primarily in the i386 purgatory source:
> - [1/9] Fix undefined symbol errors on readw/writew.
> - [2/9] Fix copy-paste bug: entry16 does not start at entry16_debug.
> - [3/9] Conform more closely to Documentation/i386/boot.txt.
> - [9/9] Die on early EOF in slurp_file, instead of infinite-looping.
> Compiler and assembler warning fixes:
> - [4/9] Fix "Warning: indirect jmp without `*'".
> - [5/9] Fix all gcc warnings for ARCH=i386 builds.
> Cleanups or simplifications:
> - [6/9] <sys/mman.h> is not needed by any i386 kexec/ source.
> - [7/9] Replace weak definitions with source filename overriding.
  The other benefit of this is that it slightly reduces the binary
  size which is advantageous for embedded development.

> - [8/9] Simplify initialization of argument list for `shutdown`.

I lifted this out sysvinit where that structure is needed because
processing of optional processing of the -t <when> option.  Since
we aren't doing that your structure is better.


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