[PATCH 0/2] vmcoreinfo support for dump filtering #2

Ken'ichi Ohmichi oomichi at mxs.nes.nec.co.jp
Fri Sep 7 04:57:46 EDT 2007


I released a new makedumpfile (version 1.2.0) with vmcoreinfo support.
I updated the patches for linux and kexec-tools.

- Change of linux patch:
  Old makedumpfile assumed some values (the size of nodemask_t and the
  value of NR_FREE_PAGES), and it was not good on the reliability viewpoint.
  For the reliability improvement, makedumpfile came to need these values
  and I updated the kernel patch to output them.

- Chage of kexec-tools patch:
  Vivek Goyal informed that the kexec command with old vmcoreinfo patch
  didn't work on kernels without vmcoreinfo patch. It gave the following
  error message, so I updated the patch of kexec-tools for fixing the
    Could not open "/sys/kernel/vmcoreinfo": No such file or directory

[1/2] [linux-2.6.22] Add vmcoreinfo
  The patch is for linux-2.6.22.
  The patch adds the vmcoreinfo data. Its address and size are output
  to /sys/kernel/vmcoreinfo.

  - Add the size of nodemask_t and the value of NR_FREE_PAGES to the
    vmcoreinfo data.

[2/2] [kexec-tools] Pass vmcoreinfo's address and size
  The patch is for kexec-tools-testing-20070330.
  kexec command gets the address and size of the vmcoreinfo data from
  /sys/kernel/vmcoreinfo, and passes them to the second kernel through
  ELF header of /proc/vmcore. When the second kernel is booting, the
  kernel gets them from the ELF header and creates vmcoreinfo's PT_NOTE
  segment into /proc/vmcore.

  - Fix the problem that the kexec command cannnot be executed on kernels
    without vmcoreinfo.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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