[PATCH 0/2 -mm] kexec based hibernation -v5

Rafael J. Wysocki rjw at sisk.pl
Thu Oct 11 06:17:57 EDT 2007

On Thursday, 11 October 2007 04:13, Huang, Ying wrote:
> Kexec base hibernation has some potential advantages over uswsusp and
> TuxOnIce (suspend2). Some most obvious advantages are:

Well, I have some doubts as far as the obviousness is concerned.

> 1. The hibernation image size can exceed half of memory size easily.

This is also possible with TuxOnIce.

> 2. The hibernation image can be written to and read from almost
>    anywhere, such as USB disk, NFS.

This is possible with uswsusp, at least in theory, probably with TuxOnIce too.

> 3. It is possible to eliminate freezer from kexec based hibernation
>    implementation.

This isn't true as long as we have not changed the handling of devices
(which is in the works, but will take time).

> 4. Based on kexec/kdump implementation, the kernel code needed is
>    less.

Well, maybe.


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