[Kgdb-bugreport] Problem getting kgdb to read kernel symbols. addresses shifted?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Oct 1 16:35:37 EDT 2007


Dave Anderson <anderson at redhat.com> writes:

> Configure the kernel with CONFIG_PHYSICAL_START less than
> or equal to CONFIG_PHYSICAL_ALIGN.  Upon rebuilding my FC7
> kernel with CONFIG_PHYSICAL_START changed from 16MB to 1MB,
> with CONFIG_PHYSICAL_ALIGN left at 4MB, i.e.:
> The kernel gets compiled for, and runs at, a 4MB physical address:
>    $ nm -Bn vmlinux | grep "^c04"
>    c0400000 T _text
>    c0400000 T startup_32
>    c0401000 T startup_32_smp
>    c0401080 t checkCPUtype
>    c0401101 t is486
>    ...
> Setting both of them to 0x400000 also works.

Indeed, it does.  Thank you.  Once I changed this, the new kernel
works great and the symbols map properly.  yay.   Now on to your
regularly-schedule debugging.  :)

Thank you, Dave!

> Dave


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