Does kexec on IA64 work?

Bernhard Walle bwalle at
Fri May 11 18:05:15 EDT 2007

* Amul Shah <amul.shah at> [2007-05-11 23:12]:
> I am using a redhat derived 2.6.18 linux kernel and I am experiencing a
> panic when the second kernel boots.  I can't find the exact set of
> emails that I want to tell me that kexec on IA64 isn't ready yet.

Well, it basically works ...

> Horms said this a month ago:
>         My recommendation is that 2.6.21rc3 is a farily good release for
>         kexec,
>         and if you aren't worried about ia64 then 2.6.20 is probably
>         good too.
>         If you really need something against 2.6.9, then I guess you
>         will have
>         to try to pull the patches out of git, but that is going to be
>         really hard work given that 2.6.9 is quite old now.
> For the curious, the panic log is below.  I did a cursory inspection of
> the kernel sources and found that the function start_secondary is called
> from head.S.  I don't know much about IA64 arch and assembly, so I
> thought I would ask first if the IA64 implementation works.

Did you try the 'maxpus=1' option for the panic kernel?


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