[Fastboot] restoring x86 BIOS state before reboot

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Fri May 11 14:23:30 EDT 2007


> > It may also be worth investigating if it is possible to bypass
> > the part of windows that uses BIOS calls.  I really don't have
> > a clue how a modern windows systems boots.
> I think ReactOS has a bootlader that can also boot Windows, or at
> least they are close to booting the Windows kernel. That bootloader
> could be then used for booting Windows without BIOS calls.
> I also heard that the 100-$-Laptop should now be able to use Windows.
> As it's using LinuxBIOS, this could also be interesting. However,
> maybe Microsoft simply modifies a special Windows for this, or they
> integrate a ClosedSource part in that LinuxBIOS, I don't know ... :-(

I do not think OLPC is using linuxBIOS these days. What they have
certainly looks like Sun's ROM monitor.

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