kexec-tools unknown rel relocation: 9

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at
Mon Jun 25 16:41:29 EDT 2007

Daniel Mierswa <impulze at> writes:

> Hi there...
> i'm struggling with kexec-tools on that particular machine for good a year
> now... it never seemed to work on that machine so it might not be the software
> itself but i wonder if you could manage to give me a hint on where it particular
> goes kaboom
> from the source i cannot dig anything except the switch statement which boils
> out with unknown rel relocation if a specific r_type is not matched.
> barad-dur i386 # kexec --debug --type=bzImage --append="init=/linuxrc rw
> root=/dev/ram0 real_root=/dev/vg/ROOT lvm=vg
> crypt0=sda:8:0:router.sda.key:wd91ultra2" --initrd=/boot/initrd-new.gz --load
> /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.20-hardened-r5
> Unknown rel relocation: 9
> the version i'm using is
> kexec-tools-testing 20070330-git released 30th March 2007
> but it's the same error with any other version :)

That is a generic software bug.  
Either /sbin/kexec needs to handle R_386_GOT_OFF or you need to
switch to a different set of build tools.

What are you compiler, linker, and assembler versions?
Just so we have a chance of reproducing this problem.


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