root= cmdline modification in kexec (was Re: [PATCH] kexec ppc64: fix misaligned cmdline )

Michael Neuling mikey at
Tue Jun 5 04:22:18 EDT 2007

> > While this appears to fix the stated problem, did you explore my
> > suggestion of deleting and creating the property like we do for
> > the initrd base and size?
> Yeah, but it didn't seem "hapazard" enough for kexec. :-)
> > Deleting and recreating should also handle the case of no boot-args in
> > the original /chosen sub-tree (when the bootloader didn't (need to)
> > supply a command line).
> Yeah, we're screwed when the first boot has no bootargs.
> Let me get the policy right.  We blow away the old command line except
> for the "root=blah" item.  Correct?

OK Looks like we parse the new command line to see if there is a
'root=blah' parameter.  If yes, use that, otherwise we use what was on
the last boot.

Is this what other architectures are doing?  Is there any other special
cases we need to look out for?


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