[PATCH] [makedumpfile] Implement memory regions on IA64

tachibana at mxm.nes.nec.co.jp tachibana at mxm.nes.nec.co.jp
Fri Apr 27 06:31:40 EDT 2007

Hi Bernhard-san,

Sorry, the subject was wrong.
I send my reply again.

2007/04/26 14:21:53 +0200, Bernhard Walle <bwalle at suse.de> wrote:
>I found in your announcment of makedumpfile 1.1.1:
>  Todo:
>     - ia64 DISCONTIGMEM support
>Did you already do something in this area? If you have something to
>test, I'd be happy. :)

Thank you for your vaddr_to_offset_ia64() patch.
We are currently investigating ia64 discontigmem, and
your patch will be our help.
I think your patch has problems when translating virtual address into
physical address for ia64 discontigmem if layer 3 (or layer 4)
paging is necessary.

In Japan, we have a vacation on April 28th - May 6th.
Sorry, we will reply again after the vacation.


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