Unable to establish P2P connection for miracast using gnome-network-displays

Julian Sikorski belegdol at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 10:28:37 PST 2024

Am 14.01.24 um 19:00 schrieb Jouni Malinen:
> On Fri, Jan 05, 2024 at 10:46:57AM +0100, Julian Sikorski wrote:
>> I am trying to figure out why gnome-network-displays is unable to establish
>> a P2P connection with my Fire TV stick. I originally reported it to
>> gnome-network displays, then to NetworkManager before being directed here.
>> In brief, the p2p connection never goes up so I can never attempt to capture
>> packets using wireshark or tcpdump. Same laptop and same Fire TV Stick work
>> fine from Windows 11.
>> I am attaching the wpa_supplicant debug log. Thank you for your help in
>> advance.
> Which WLAN driver are you using on this device (wlp1s0)?

I am using iwlwifi/iwlmvm. The hardware is Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200.
> It looks like the peer device might be using power saving mechanism
> (Notice of Absence) that would require the local driver to be able to
> synchronize the transmissions appropriately to be able to get them
> through. The debug log here indicated that none of the numerous attempts
> of sending a GO Negotiation Request to the peer resulted in the frame
> being acknowledged which could imply that it was not listening at the
> time the request went out. That said, it is difficult to say for certain
> since the peer discovery part did succeed. In any case, this type of an
> issue might require looking in more detail to a sniffer capture of the
> IEEE 802.11 frames and the exact timing of them and/or figuring out what
> kind of capabilities the local driver has for P2P.
Sniffer would be a special hardware, correct? Like rtl-sdr? I have a 2.4 
GHz Spectrum Analyzer but this is probably not what we need. Can a 
sniffer be fashioned out of a second laptop?
A while back miracast used to work intermittently, which is when I filed 
suspecting the issue is caused by IPv6 vs IPv4. Now I can no longer get 
the connection to work under linux at all.

Best regards,

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