Passpoint/Hotspot 2.0 OI length in supplicant

Damien Dejean damiendejean at
Tue May 9 20:57:22 PDT 2023


I've been working on Passpoint/Hotspot 2.0 networks for a while, and a
question on supplicant/hostapd recently came up. Supplicant and
hostapd code restricts the OI (home OI, required home OI and roaming
consortium OI) sizes between 3 and 15 bytes (introduced by CL
"955567bc09 Interworking: Add support for using Roaming Consortium OI
for matching").

>From what I read in IEEE802.11-2020 (§ an organisation
identifier is expected to be 24 bits (3 bytes) long or 36 bits (5
bytes long starting with 0b0000). Then I understand the lower limit of
3 bytes, but not the upper limit of 15 bytes. What led you to the 15
bytes upper limit ?

Best regards,

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