[PATCH 08/50] AP: Add some basic MLD configuration options

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Tue Mar 7 14:15:07 PST 2023

On Sun, Feb 19, 2023 at 04:17:50PM +0000, Otcheretianski, Andrei wrote:
> > > +		bss->mld_id = atoi(pos);
> > > +	} else if (os_strcmp(buf, "mld_link_id") == 0) {
> > Should user care about link id, can we have it generated by hostapd instead
> > based on the interfaces list and freq.
> I thought about it, and it might be a little bit tricky, so it's just simpler to have it, and add a patch later that will do the auto-assigning.
> The problem is that the BSS's can be dynamically added and removed and you really would want to keep the id's between different runs.

Why would it matter which way the Link IDs are assigned between
different runs?

> > > +	} else if (os_strcmp(buf, "mld_eml_capa") == 0) {
> > The mld_capa and eml capa should come from the driver/hw right?
> > > +		bss->mld_eml_capa = atoi(pos);
> Right.. In current series we still don't read it from kernel reported capabilities (it just wasn't there yet when we started implementing it).
> Now, all these configurations are indeed not really needed. I'll send the patch that reads it from the kernel. Shall we keep mld/eml_capa for testing only?

I'd prefer to first apply a patch that adds the configuration parameters
that are needed for normal functionality and ideally, not including
anything that can be determined automatically. As far as testing
functionality is concerned, it would be fine to add additional overrides
as needed in followup patches.


It would be nice for this patch to document the production use case
parameters in hostapd/hostapd.conf.


Some of the patches in the series prior to this depended on the
variables added here, i.e., this patch should have been earlier in the
set to allow those other patches to be compiled.

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