hostapd D-Bus support

Emil Kosic emil.kosic at
Thu Jun 15 08:13:00 PDT 2023

Hello all,

It is likely that many hostapd users have come across an idea that
adding D-Bus support would be very useful. It would simplify control
and monitoring in environments where D-Bus is already an available

We are happy to discuss any technical details prior to starting the
effort and sending an initial patchset if this functionality would be
useful in the mainline hostapd project.

In the initial patch we would aim to have D-Bus infrastructure
available within the project, then in subsequent patches extend the
functionality with more objects and events that could be consumed and
interacted with.

Likewise, if D-Bus support is not suitable for this project, we would
appreciate knowing that as well.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, I would greatly appreciate them.

Thank you!

Emil Kosic

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