[PATCH] hostapd: Add he_ldpc configuration

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Thu Feb 23 12:59:28 PST 2023

On Thu, Feb 23, 2023 at 05:17:18AM +0000, MeiChia Chiu (邱美嘉) wrote:
> Thanks for your review and feedback. As you mentioned, current
> implementation of ieee80211ax_supported_he_capab does not check
> hardware capability and just return 1. This should indeed be modified
> and I will find time to do that. As to my patch, it would not affect
> any flow since I just make HE LDPC configurable which is hard-coded to 
> be enabled in the current design. The current hard-coded behavior is
> giving us problems and that's why I want to change it to be
> configurable. If you agree, I would like to have this HE LDPC
> configurability patch to be reviewed and merged first. Later on, I will
> send another patch for the HE hardware capability check.

Could you please provide more detail on how this is being hardcoded in
the current implementation? It looks like cap->he_phy_capab_info is
being copied from the driver advertised capabilities in
NL80211_BAND_IFTYPE_ATTR_HE_CAP_PHY. Is the driver advertising incorrect
capabilities or is there some requirement for being able to disable HE
LDPC advertisement even when the driver would be capable?

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