[PATCH] hostapd: Add he_ldpc configuration

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Mon Feb 20 08:54:19 PST 2023

On Thu, Feb 09, 2023 at 09:59:46AM +0800, MeiChia Chiu wrote:
> Add configuration option 'he_ldpc' to enable or disable he ldpc support.

> diff --git a/hostapd/hostapd.conf b/hostapd/hostapd.conf
> +#he_ldpc: HE LDPC support
> +# 0 = not supported
> +# 1 = supported (default)
> +#he_ldpc=1

> diff --git a/src/ap/ieee802_11_he.c b/src/ap/ieee802_11_he.c
> +	if (hapd->iface->conf->he_phy_capab.he_ldpc)
> +		cap->he_phy_capab_info[HE_PHYCAP_LDPC_CODING_IN_PAYLOAD_IDX] |=

This would change the default behavior to start advertising LDPC support
in the HE Capabilities element. Is that really the correct thing to do
in all cases? Could there be drivers that do not support this and this
might result in interoperability issues if enabled without an explicit
check for driver capabilities first?

Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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