[BISECTED][BUG] roaming between 2 interfaces controlled by the same hostapd instance fails

Nick vincent at systemli.org
Fri Aug 4 01:29:03 PDT 2023

I just forward this message to the mailing-list. Original message is 
from stintel:


After bumping hostapd in OpenWrt from 
bb945b98fefc64887dffb40773a19d77585cee42 to 
599d00be9de2846c6ea18c1487d8329522ade22b, we've received various reports 
of clients sometimes being unable to connect [1]. The problem occurs 
when clients roam from one radio to another radio controlled by the same 
hostapd instance. E.g. after rebooting the AP, clients connect to the 
2.4 GHz interface, as the 5 GHz interface is in state HT_SCAN->DFS. Once 
the 5GHz interface transitions to the DFS->ENABLED state, and clients 
try to roam to it, they fail to connect. Apple devices report the PSK as 
being wrong. My Android phone just disconnects and switches to 5G.

Bisecting lead to the following commit:

> e978072baaca886943c391b9a99066771ddc01a8 is the first bad commit
> commit e978072baaca886943c391b9a99066771ddc01a8
> Author: Adil Saeed Musthafa 
> <mailto:quic_adilm at quicinc.com>quic_adilm at quicinc.com
> Date: Thu May 11 11:43:02 2023 -0700
> |Do prune_association only after the STA is authorized 
> Prune-associations should be done only after the new station is 
> authorized. Otherwise any STA can cause denial of service to connected 
> stations in PMF case when more than a single interface is being 
> controlled by the same hostapd process. Signed-off-by: Adil Saeed 
> Musthafa [<quic_adilm at quicinc.com>](mailto:quic_adilm at quicinc.com) |
> src/ap/hostapd.c | 1 -
> src/ap/sta_info.c | 6 ++++--
> 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
> [1] #13156 <https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/13156>

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