wpa_supplicant 2.10 (also HEAD): mt7610 USB 5 GHz AP limited to 20 MHz, but hostapd can configure 80MHz?

Beniamino Galvani bgalvani at redhat.com
Fri Apr 21 00:19:07 PDT 2023

On Sun, Apr 16, 2023 at 06:15:00PM +0300, Leho Kraav wrote:
> I'm trying to use NetworkManager built-in hotspot functionality with ASUS AC51 USB.
> This uses wpa_supplicant over DBus. While 5 GHz hotspot and bridge work great at setup level, for some reason, my transfers are capped at exactly 54 Mbps.
> I've also tested hostapd: was able to configure it to 80 MHz, and get (exactly) 4x higher speeds, or ~220 Mbps.
> What is going wrong for wpa_supplicant? Isn't it supposed to be able to autoconfigure the adapter to the max of its capabilities?

> From wpa_supplicant logs, I'm unclear on who's forcing `bandwidth=20` - is it NetworkManager, or wpa_supplicant's autoconfiguration?

> Why isn't it configuring for more?


I think that to enable wider channels there must be explicit
configuration in wpa_supplicant and NetworkManager is not passing that
configuration (for example, parameters "ht40", "max_oper_chwidth",
"vht_center_freq1") because it's not clear it would work for
everybody; I mean, the hotspot functionality wouldn't be able to start
if NM sets e.g. ht40=1 and the card doesn't support it, or the
channels are wrong.

Please see this NetworkManager issue:


One approach would be to make the channel width configurable in
NetworkManager, so that it can send the appropriate parameters to

Or, if there is way for NM to detect the best parameters automatically,
that would be even better; but I'm not sure if this is possible.

Any other ideas, thoughts?

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