Patch to support MACsec HW offload

Benny Lønstrup Ammitzbøll benny at
Thu Oct 27 01:25:00 PDT 2022

Ok, I will do this and also supply a patch that fits the latest source 
code from the git repo as well. I anyway need to do this since 256 bit 
keys are only supported there as far as I can see (macsec_csindex).

My intent with posting was not really to get the patch included straight 
away - it was more to get some feedback about this missing ability to 
use wpa_supplicant for MACsec setup on a HW offloaded linux platform. 
And whether my approach to adding this is ok or not.


On 26.10.2022 19.24, Jan Ceuleers wrote:
> On 26/10/2022 18:40, Benny Lønstrup Ammitzbøll wrote:
>> I have attached a patch I made for wpa_supplicant ver. 2.9 that adds a
>> macsec_hw_offload parameter:
> I know the first thing Jouni will say when seeing this, so I will save
> him the trouble:
> Please read the CONTRIBUTIONS file in the root of the source directory,
> and then provide a Signed-off-by line, without which Jouni would not be
> able to accept your patch.
> HTH, Jan
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