Patch to support MACsec HW offload

Benny Lønstrup Ammitzbøll benny at
Wed Oct 26 09:40:41 PDT 2022

Using wpa_supplicant to configure MACsec via the linux driver, but there 
is currently no support for creating MACsec interfaces that offload 
MACsec to the hardware, even though the linux MACsec implementation 
supports it.

I have attached a patch I made for wpa_supplicant ver. 2.9 that adds a 
macsec_hw_offload parameter:

      * macsec_hw_offload - Offload MACsec to hardware
      * This setting applies only when MACsec is in use, i.e.,
      *  - macsec_policy is enabled
      *  - the key server has decided to enable MACsec
      * 0: MACsec hardware offload is off (default)
      * 1: MACsec hardware offload to PHY
      * 2: MACsec hardware offload to MAC
     int macsec_hw_offload;

The patch has been tested with wpa_supplicant ver. 2.9 on a hardware 
board with a HW MACsec solution.

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