[PATCH] wpa_passphrase: Encode non-ascii SSID in hex

Jörn Bethune bethune+hostap at posteo.de
Mon Nov 21 09:40:20 PST 2022

> > The password is correct. But the SSID won't be matched by
> > wpa_supplicant.
> It does in my tests..

I can confirm that the current version sometimes works with non-ascii
SSIDs. I just set up a test network and sure enough, wpa_supplicant
connects to it despite the non-ASCII characters.

The reason why I contributed this patch is that I was at a cafe and I
could not get a connection to the wireless network. My investigation
showed that the issue was that wpa_supplicant could not match the
network in the config file with the SSID that was broadcast. Oddly
enough, things started to work immediately when I used the hexadecimal
SSID. Before that I've done a lot of hexdumps of my config file to check
that all the bytes are correct and I triple checked for typos in the
network name.

I can try to take a closer look at the AP next time I am at that cafe.
Is there anything in particular I should check?

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