using WPA3 SAE

Arend van Spriel arend.vanspriel at
Tue May 31 01:44:32 PDT 2022

Hi Jouni,

I am trying to get WPA3 SAE working with brcmfmac driver. Actually it 
was Cypress who added support for that in brcmfmac, but for me it fails 
now because wpa_versions bitmask we get from nl80211 indicates only 
WPA2. I know that wpa_supplicant does not make a difference in the 
config network block, but I did not expect that choice to affect nl80211 
API usage. Do you consider this a bug in driver_nl80211.c? In nl80211 in 
the kernel we do not check wpa_versions versus key management suites so 
I guess other vendor drivers are more lenient.

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