[PATCH v5 4/4] P2P: Do not use collocated scan logic when scanning 6GHz

Peer, Ilan ilan.peer at intel.com
Tue May 10 05:27:11 PDT 2022


> > This handles the case that non-PSC channels are included in the scan
> > request. If they are not included this setting does not have any
> > effect. Note that currently if the 'p2p_include_6ghz' is set in the
> > scan parameters and no frequencies are configured in the scan parameters
> then all channels would be scanned, which would include the non-PSC
> channels in case the drivers supports them.
> Ah.. It would be good to update that comment in wpas_p2p_scan() to make
> this part clear.. The way it is currently worded seems to imply that non-PSC
> channels are scanned and that is not what I'd like to see.. It would be more
> helpful to note that the neighbor report information would not be available
> for co-located APs and as such, that mechanism to select channels cannot be
> used here.
> > As noted previously, we can change this behavior to only include PSC
> > channels if 'p2p_include_6ghz' channels Is set. Would you like such a
> change?
> Yes, it sounds better to explicitly limit the P2P 6 GHz cases to scan only PSC
> channels.

Working on such change. Will post shortly.



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