Can't connec to PEAP anymore on current Ubuntu (2.10 built with openssl3)

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed May 4 23:56:18 PDT 2022

On May 4, 2022, at 6:16 PM, Jouni Malinen <j at> wrote:
> . While I cannot
> really point to any specific RADIUS authentication server having an
> implementation that would allow this type of an attack, I cannot really
> rule out the possibility. I'd hope the old implementations that do not
> support RFC5746 would not support TLS renegotiation at all, but it would
> be difficult to sure about that without testing each such server
> implementation individually.

  The additional consideration is that there's little reason to be shipping things which are a 12+ years out of date.  IIRC, the RFC 5746 fixes went into OpenSSL 0.9.8m, which was released in early 2010.

  The Aruba product which was mentioned earlier is based on FreeRADIUS + OpenSSL code which is even older than that.  And which has had little engineering effort put into updates.

  I think with clients moving to TLS 1.3, the need for RFC 5746 work-arounds is temporary.  RADIUS servers will be forced to upgrade to a recent version of OpenSSL, and the RFC 5746 issues ill just go away.

   It's probably worth removing these work-arounds once TLS 1.3 is widely used.

> One could obviously claim that it is not the duty of the EAP client to
> enforce security in this front, but in practice, it seems to be much
> more likely to get EAP clients upgraded than RADIUS servers in various
> networks..


> I'll probably add at least this into wpa_supplicant with a clear event
> message identifying this specific issue to upper layers and a
> network-specific configuration parameter for enabling the workaround
> (and a suitable set of warnings to recommend against using this
> workaround in cases where the user care about real security..).

  That seems best.  This should likely not be enabled by default, and maybe even require special build options.

  Alan DeKok.

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