[PATCH] D-Bus: Add 'wep_disabled' capability

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Sat Mar 12 09:04:49 PST 2022

On Mon, Mar 07, 2022 at 09:54:46AM +0100, Lubomir Rintel wrote:
> Since commit 200c7693c9a1 ('Make WEP functionality an optional build
> parameter'), WEP support is optional and, indeed, off by default.
> The distributions are now catching up and disabling WEP in their builds.
> Unfortunately, there's no indication prior to an attempt to connect to a
> WEP network that it's not going to work. Add a capability to communicate
> that.
> Unlike other capabilities, this one is negative. That is, it indicates
> lack of a WEP support as opposed to its presence. This is necessary
> because historically there has been no capability to indicate presence
> of WEP support and therefore NetworkManager (and probably others) just
> assumes it's there.

Thanks, applied.
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