wpa_cli support for sae_pwe

Wade Penner wade.penner at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 07:10:28 PST 2022

The WiFi Alliance has mandated all clients/APs must use
hash-to-element when connecting in the 6GHz band. The default
configuration of sae_pwe=0 (hunting-and-pecking loop only) is blocking
me from connecting to my 6GHz network.

Does wpa_cli have support for configuring the sae_pwe setting? I am
running 2:2.10-2 (Ubuntu) and cannot find any way to configure it with
wpa_cli. It is running in the default dbus configuration so I cannot
just edit the config file.

I would also like to put my support behind the patch to force
sae_pwe=1 for 6GHz:

I did not test it, but in theory it should resolve the issue as well.

~ Wade

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