[EXT] [RESEND PATCH] Issue: Non-HE capable interface advertising HE

Matthias May matthias.may at westermo.com
Sun Dec 25 14:32:27 PST 2022

On 25.12.22 17:27, Deepti Panchal wrote:
> Hi Jouni,
> Rather than refusing to start the AP, my hostapd patch would throw an error message indicating that HE configuration is not supported and would instead start the AP in HT/VHT configuration.
> This would result in a seamless end user experience.
> Does this approach seem to be fair ?
> Thanks,
> Deepti


I personally and professionally would not like something like that.
When i configure something i expect it to be exactly what i configured.
Auto-magically changing what is running to something that is not 
specified just leads to unexpected surprises later on...


If you want to hide config errors from your endusers,
why don't you adjust the code that generated the config for
hostapd to auto-magically mangle the hostapd-config?

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